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Wildlife Safari & Beach Bonfire

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13 and older
Child Ages 3-12

Experience Southeast Alaska!

This tour combines two Ketchikan favorites: wildlife quest and local culture.

For more information call our Ketchikan office.

Ketchikan Nature Tour Highlights

  • Unparalleled access to remote Alaska! Cruise by expedition vessel through beautiful passages that are home to an abundance of wildlife.
  • Step ashore on a remote wilderness island to enjoy everyday Alaska cuisine alongside a beach bonfire, the way locals do it!
  • Experience true Alaska–explore old-growth rainforest, discover life in the intertidal zone, learn traditional Native harvesting techniques, and enjoy an Alaska-style beach bonfire.
  • Humpback and orca whales, Dall’s porpoise, harbor seals, and bears are a few of the species that thrive in this pristine environment. As animals are sighted, the Captain will maneuver the vessel to provide optimal views, and your expert Naturalist will explain their fascinating life-cycles and behaviors.
  • Take a leisurely break from cruising to step ashore on remote Annette Island, welcomed by a greeting from your Tsimshian Alaska Native hosts: “La Gwelga Lak!” (The Fire Has Been Lit!).
  • Indulge your adventurer’s appetite with a scrumptious feast that includes reindeer sausage hotdogs, kettle chips, seasonal jams, and other local delights, while sipping on an Alaskan Amber Beer, or your choice of wine, soda or juice.
  • Finish your meal with an American classic: roasting marshmallows for S’mores made with locally crafted chocolate.